November book launch for Cræft

Cræft: How Traditional Crafts are About More Than Just Making

“In a period of meaningless mass manufacturing, our growing appetite for hand-made objects, artisan food, and craft beverages reveals our deep cravings for tradition and quality. But there was a time when craft meant something very different; the Old English word cræft possessed an almost indefinable sense of knowledge, wisdom, and power.

In this fascinating book, historian and popular broadcaster Alex Langlands goes in search of the mysterious lost meaning of cræft. Through a vibrant series of mini-histories, told with his trademark energy and charm, Langlands resurrects the ancient craftspeople who fused exquisite skill with back-breaking labour-and passionately defends the renewed importance of cræft today.”

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4 thoughts on “November book launch for Cræft

  1. Hooray! Your new book is wonderful. A treat to read and a pleasure to share with customers. Maybe you could do an event in 2018 with us? Hope all is well. Best regards, Nash and Cate


  2. Hello Nash and Cate – lovely to hear from you. I would love to come down to Much Ado and see you all again! Such fond memories of one of the best bookshops in the UK!


  3. hi to alex you may remember my partner and i did the gardening at salisbury museum we got chatting and found we had hastings in common also saw at the hotel when you were walking up the river .well we have moved back to hasting and are helping out at the hastings shipwreck musuem in the old town so this just to say if ever this way come and say hi. my email is akchtony” keep up the good work

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