New Channel 5 series: Digging Up Britain’s Past

I am delighted to announce ‘Digging Up Britain’s Past’, a new archaeology-based series coming to Channel 5 in January. In it, myself and co-presenter Helen Skelton will be exploring some of the fascinating archaeological stories from Britain’s past. Our journey takes us through the neolithic landscapes of Stonehenge, to sites of witchcraft in the seventeenth century. We follow in the footsteps of Henry VIII’s infamous spending spree and examine the impact Viking invasions had on life in early medieval Britain. Forensic analysis of the medieval peasantry will see us explore the skeletal and dendrochonological (tree ring) evidence for major climatic events in the fourteenth century whilst Helen gets up close and personal with the outlaw’s most trusted weapon – the long bow – in a bid to explore the truths behind the legend of Robin Hood. We had a great time making this series as we travelled up and down the length of the British Isles in search of the archaeological evidence for some of the most fascinating periods in Britain’s past. I do hope you can join us!

Victims of a Viking raid? Early medieval skeletons from the cemetery at Portmahomack exhibit signs of trauma
Episode 1: Viking Invasions sees us travelling as far afield as Orkney and the Isle of Man in a bid to understand the impact of the Viking invasions.


4 thoughts on “New Channel 5 series: Digging Up Britain’s Past

  1. Why do you need to have loud music in the back ground. It’s drown out what they are saying. I will not be watching this programme until we can hear every word they are saying. How about turning the music down if you want it thank you


  2. One very interesting program that is telling us how Britain become great. BUT that back ground music is so annoying. It’s drowning out what is been said. PLEASE TURN IT DOWN. Can’t see the point of music in the back ground. You won’t have it in a history lessons. Thank You.


  3. These programmes Digging up Britain’s Past are Fantastic, but they are completely ruined buy the TERRIBLE music which is so loud that it is impossible to hear or understand what is being spoken.
    please is it necessary .


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